De’Longhi DNC65 Dehumidifier Review

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Office and home spaces in tropical areas have high humidity levels. These places are susceptible to mould and mildew proliferation. Water droplets, wet wall patches on walls, and a musty odour are the signs of dampness.

The ideal content of moisture in any room should be around 30% to 50%. In most cases, structural ventilation, as well as poor air conditioning, is the cause. And this is where dehumidifiers come in handy.

In recent times, De’Longhi has made vibes, and its dehumidifier has become one of the very best on the market.

Who is De’Longhi?

De’Longhi is a domestic manufacturer of dehumidifiers that are famous for its quiet operation and dependable performance. The Italian company was founded back in 1902. This appliance manufacturing company specialises in air conditioners and portable heaters as well.

When it was incorporated back in 1950, the company expanded its operations and entered into appliances manufacturing.

What is the De’Longhi DNC65 Dehumidifier?

Now the brand has launched its very own desiccant dehumidifier DNC65. This is the brand’s only product that runs on desiccant action. However, this dehumidifier has been around for a long time now. It was first introduced back in 2004.

DeLonghi DNC65 Dehumidifier

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The humidifier is marketed as fast to dry air in our rooms and has quiet operation. If you haven’t used this dehumidifier, a question might come to your mind that what is so special about this dehumidifier or how is it different from the rest of the horde!

Below we are going to review the product in detail and provide you with all the information that you need to make your decisions whether to buy it or not.

DNC65 Dehumidifier by De’Longhi – The Review

This dehumidifier operates silently with high efficiency to get rid of all the dampness in the air and keep your home or office space dry. It features three different power levels so you can choose any one of them according to your requirements.

It boasts a 2-litre tank, and we were highly impressed with its 8-hour shutoff timer. We loved the fact that this dehumidifier is a suitable option for a 55 cubic meter room.

We were also highly impressed with the temperature range in which it can operate, i.e. 1C to 35C.

Water extraction

Although the water extraction rate of this dehumidifier is 6 litres; that doesn’t mean this appliance is no good in water extraction. This dehumidifier works brilliantly in medium-sized homes.

water tank dnc65

DNC65’s quick water extraction capability makes it a good option for homes with plenty of dampness. Most of the houses in the UK were constructed back in the late 1800s or early 1900s. Therefore, they definitely suffer from mould, condensation, and mildew. The DNC65 will sort these issues out in no time and without making any noise either.

This dehumidifier is highly effective in eradicating moisture while working in cold conditions. This desiccant model is more effective than the refrigerant models as the latter struggle to work effectively when the temperature goes down 15C.

Size of the dehumidifier

One of the things that you have to compromise on when looking for portable designs is that the size of the dehumidifier or the water tank will shrink considerably.

This model also comes with a continuous drainage feature. There is a hose, which we found very useful when draining out the water pretty easily. But you will need to have a 2-level drain nearby.

It only has a water tank with a capacity of 2 litres, and this is where we felt this dehumidifier lacks. We had to empty it quite frequently especially in high humidity conditions.

Furthermore, this tank is pretty stiff to open, and there is a considerable chance that you might end up spilling it.


The DNC65 is a lightweight dehumidifier only weighing six and a half kilograms. There is an inbuilt handle, and we found it very convenient in moving the dehumidifier from one place to another.

The dehumidifier is not unstable despite being lightweight. The machine is pretty sturdy and well constructed.


On a low setting, we have noticed this machine is exceptionally quiet with 34 dB. This might not be the ultimate silence for you, but it is not louder than any ambient sounds, and this is where it compares pretty well with other dehumidifiers on the market.

When you turn on the high power mode, the noise will increase to 44 dB, but it still beats the competition by a fair margin.


The ioniser function creates a static electric charge across the contaminants. It prevents them from floating around and causes them to stick to the surfaces. It emits negative ions that make all the particles in the air magnetically attract each other.

ioniser dnc65

After clumping them together, the particles become too large, and they fall from the air. The air becomes pure in general. It is also very beneficial for people with asthma and allergies.

Energy efficiency

This is where the DNC65 falls short significantly. We do like to mention here that this dehumidifier is not good when it comes to energy efficiency, but it is pretty much outdated in this regard, especially when we compare it with some of the new models on the market.

If you are looking for a dehumidifier that runs 24/7 and doesn’t consume much energy, then you need to look for other models. However, if you don’t mind this feature, the DNC65 is good enough for you.

Clothes drying feature

The clothes drying feature of this dehumidifier is an absolute hit for us! It allows you to dry your laundry effectively, and we are a fan of this feature.

When you turn on this feature, it will automatically optimise the ventilation speed as well as the dehumidifying capacity. Now your clothes will dry perfectly well in no time.

Controls and settings

The touch panel of this dehumidifier is present right on top of this machine. Therefore, it is pretty easy to access, even when you are in a hurry.

The digital display is not cutting edge and doesn’t come with any advanced features as well, which is pretty regular for most desiccant models. But it is fairly simple to use and gets the job done!

Electronic humidistat

The electronic humidistat of this dehumidifier allows it to control and manage the humidity in the air automatically. This feature is not the best in terms of energy efficiency, but it can automatically detect the moisture content in the air and up the ante accordingly.

24-hour electronic timer

You can also set this dehumidifier to work for an entire day. This auto feature will enable you to set your machine and forget about it.

The dehumidifier will continue to perform its function in the background keeping the air dry for you.

Electronic anti-frost device

We tried and tested it in various temperatures below 15C, and it worked pretty well. With the anti-frost feature, this machine can operate in temperature as low as 2C.

Tank Control System

The tank control system of this machine is pretty effective as well. The machine can alert you with different alarm lights. These lights will turn on if there is an error or the tank is full. The system will alert you with a light when you haven’t replaced the tank correctly.

Water level window

De’Longhi has placed the tank on the side of this machine. The location of this tank makes it somewhat difficult to replace. Especially if it is against the wall!

However, the water level is visible from the window, so you won’t have to run any checks to see if the tank is full or not.

Anti-dust filter

The anti-dust filter in this device is pretty basic and comes with anti-microbial features. There is nothing special about it, but it will keep the mould or bacteria under check.

Continuous drainage facility

This feature allows you to use a hose to flush the water out continuously, but you will need to have a drain nearby for this to work.

You won’t have to empty the tank now and then, as we have mentioned that doing this is very hectic because of the construction of the dehumidifier.

Value for money

This dehumidifier from De’Longhi comes with a decent number of specs and is highly effective. We don’t have any doubt about its performance and reliability.

But De’Longhi hasn’t priced it fairly enough because a number of desiccant models are available in a similar price range, and they come with a number of additional features as well.

For a medium-sized home, it is a good investment if you are not looking for any fancy features. But if energy efficiency is your top priority, then this is not the best machine for you.


The automatic function of this dehumidifier makes it very simple to use.
Economy and Turbo modes for laundry.
Portable and lightweight construction.
Foldable carrying handle for easy gripping and manoeuvrability.
It can comfortably work in temperature as low as 1C.


It only comes with a regular dust filter with basic features.

Where to buy the DNC65 dehumidifier?

De’Longhi DNC65 is available at all major retailers online, including the likes of Amazon, Curry’s, Argos, eBay, John Lewis, and others. However, stock availability will vary, and we cannot guarantee which of the online retailers currently have this dehumidifier in stock.

Several brick and mortar stores also have this in their offerings if you are looking to buy offline.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it expensive to run?

The DNC65 dehumidifier doesn’t feature any energy efficiency properties. This means that it will be costly to run compared to a number of energy-efficient models available out there.

Find out more information on our ‘How Much Does it Cost to Run a Dehumidifier?’ guide.

Is there a way to connect the pipe to an outside drain?

Yes, you can connect the pipe to your outside drain. It will become a lot more convenient for you to connect your drain because you want to empty the tank now and then.

Does the model come with a filter?

Yes, it does come with a basic filter with anti-microbial features. There is nothing extraordinary about this filter, but it does capture dust particles very effectively.

Does this dehumidifier come with a warranty?

Yes, this dehumidifier comes with a 2-year warranty from De’Longhi.

The Final Word

The DNC65 dehumidifier from De’Longhi is pretty reliable in terms of performance. If you are looking for a machine that doesn’t make much noise and comes with ioniser and clothes drying features, then this is the right choice for you. But you need to keep in mind that it is not energy efficient either!

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