EcoAir DC12 Dehumidifier Review

One of the top brands in the British dehumidifier market is EcoAir. It is well known for its high-quality products and service, and it has established its mark in a very quick time.

The DC12 dehumidifier belongs to the series of domestic units from the brand, and recently it has caused some ripples in the market.

In this review, we will see how it delivers in terms of performance, as the company claims. So let’s get on the way, shall we!

Who is EcoAir?

EcoAir has been around for some time, and it is well known for its top-quality air treatment equipment. The brand supplies both in British and European markets. If you are looking for an energy-efficient unit, then you need to choose EcoAir because some of their units are truly energy-efficient, saving you a lot in terms of costs.

An extensive amount of research goes into their manufacturing process, and the result is high-quality products with highly sophisticated cutting-edge technologies. EcoAir has a range of different air treatment products for you to choose from, and they all feature the very best from the brand.

What is the EcoAir DC12 Dehumidifier?

A lot of credit goes to the desiccant models because they put the company on the map. Both in the British and European markets, these units sell like hotcakes because of their user-friendly and automated controls.

The desiccant models are silent in their operation, especially if you compare them with their domestic line-up. But the domestic units have also garnered a fair share of success recently.

These units are designed for small to mid-sized houses, and they are fast in water extraction even if they have small water tank capacity.

EcoAir DC12 Dehumidifier – Our Review

EcoAir DC18 Compressor Dehumidifier

Ease of Use and Design

Plenty of dehumidifiers are available on the market, but EcoAir DC12 dehumidifier stands on top. The curved design of this DC12 dehumidifier makes it modern and stylish that also enhances your interiors.

It comes with 12 litres per day extraction rate that is suitable for a 4 to 5 bedroom house. Furthermore, the dimension of this product is 22.5-cm x 49.6-cm x 35.3-cm and weighs 10.5 KG.

Water Extraction and Energy Efficiency

EcoAir DC12 is the best refrigerant dehumidifier that works effectively in humid and warm conditions.  Additionally, the extraction rate of this unit is 12 litres per day, which rapidly minimizes the humidity level in your home.

This unit saves you a lot on energy bills due to the auto shut-off feature. The auto shut off feature automatically turns off the unit when it reaches the desired humidity level.

Size and Portability

This refrigerant dehumidifier is equipped with a compressor pump that cools down the water condenser plates. Normally, the heavyweight of the units makes them a little bit difficult to move from one room to another.

But that’s not the case with EcoAir DC12 dehumidifier because it comes with heavy-duty casters that make it portable and compact.

Noise and Operation

Let’s be honest. EcoAir DC12 dehumidifier is not a quiet unit. The rating of noise is approximately 43dB on the two fan options. When you switch it on a single fan mode, it produces a 41dB noise rating.

Filter and Cleaning

It features a simple filter. Although the filter is simple, it traps dust. You can easily remove it and clean it using a vacuum cleaner or by gently brushing it.

Additionally, it is recommended to clean the filter after two weeks. The best thing is that if you forget to clean, it will remind you because the control panel has a ‘clean-me’ filter indicator.

Electronic Controls and Settings

The EcoAir DC12 dehumidifier features an electronic and handy control panel. This panel has an intelligent display that shows humidity level, and the technology of the touch button makes it easy to use. Moreover, it comes with four major buttons and two plus and minus for configuring humidity level.

Following is an array of the EcoAir DC12 dehumidifier electronic settings and controls.


Multiple models of dehumidifier by EcoAir come with three-time options, but unfortunately, you will get only two-timer options in the D12 model.

The two options include 2 hours or 4 hours. Moreover, you can use 4 hours to dry wash. Nevertheless, it totally depends on the type of clothes such as jeans that need a longer period.

Fan Speed

You will get two fan options on the control panel of the EcoAir DC12 dehumidifier. Thus, you can choose according to your requirements. The main difference between the low and high speed of the fan is a fast or slow rate for moisture extraction.

When you want the maximum moisture extraction, you should switch it on the dual fan. In a single fan setting, it works slowly and also decreases the moisture extraction rate.

Humidity Control

The primary function of the dehumidifier is controlling the humidity level according to the environments. The top surface of this unit has an LED display that shows you the value of humidity level.

In addition to that, there is a minus and plus button on both sides of the display screen. These buttons permit you to configure the humidity level as you want. You can choose from 35% RH to 80% RH range of humidity in 5% increments. This is a great control that makes your dehumidifier more energy efficient because it runs according to required settings.

Power Button

Another control is a power button on the top of this dehumidifier. There are two indicator lights. The first one shows that your unit is powered on and the second one indicates a full tank

Here’s the best part…. The unit shuts off automatically when the tank becomes full. Let me remind you that this model comes with a 3.5 litre capacity of the water tank.

Filter reset

Filter reset also has two indicator lights. One shows that a new filter has been placed, and the other shows that it’s time to clean your filter.

When you clean the filter and place it back, you need to push the reset button to tell the unit about the cleanliness of the filter.

Water Tank and Continuous Drainage

You can use a hose length of 14mm for continuous drainage. Additionally, the capacity of the water tank is about 3.5 litres.

Other Features

Except for all these, the EcoAir DC12 dehumidifier comes with additional handy, valuable, eye-catching features. Let’s have a look!

  • Auto Restart: When power is interrupted, this unit automatically restarts on its previous settings.
  • Auto Shut-off: If the unit detects that the tank is full or it achieved the desired target of humidity level, it automatically shuts off the unit.  
  • Laundry Mode: You can set a 4-hour timer for drying indoor laundry.
  • Auto Defrost: Whenever the coils freeze up, it stops dehumidifying function and begins defrosting.
  • Castors & Cable Tidy: It is equipped with a hanger for keeping the power cord tidy and a caster for moving conveniently.

Value for Money

The EcoAir DC12 dehumidifier comes with a 2 year warranty plan. You won’t have to bear any additional cost in terms of filter replacement because you can clean the filters and put them back. You’ll get outstanding value for money with a 12-litre water extraction per day.

Where to Buy DC12 Dehumidifier?

EcoAir DC12 Dehumidifier

There are plenty of trusted websites where you can get the EcoAir DC12 dehumidifier, like

  • The company uses high-quality materials.
  • Electronic and digital control panel.
  • Indicators for filter, full tank, and timer.
  • Extraction rate is 12 litres per day.
  • A 2 year warranty.
  • This unit has caster wheels.
  • The filter is non-antibacterial.
  • It won’t remove odours or purify the air.
  • Twin fan mode produces distracting noise.

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Frequently asked questions

How long is the warranty?

The warranty of the EcoAir DC12 dehumidifier comes with 2 years along with excellent customer support.

How much does it cost to run?

The running cost of the EcoAir DC12 dehumidifier depends on how often you used the machine and on the environment. Generally, this unit is using approximately 220W on the high speed that makes the running cost relatively low.

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Is it ok to run in a caravan?

The drainage is the major feature of using it in a caravan. Thus, the EcoAir DC12 dehumidifier comes with a continuous drainage system with an included 14mm hose.

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Does the DC12 work in low temperatures?

The EcoAir DC12 dehumidifier perfectly works till the temperature reaches 5 degrees Celsius, but remembers doesn’t work if the temperature goes down.

Can I clean the filter?

Yes! There is a need to clean the filter after two weeks to increase the performance of the unit. You can use a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush to clean it. The best thing is that there is also an indicator on the control panel that indicates that it’s time to clean its unit.

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EcoAir DC12 vs. EcoAir DC18 dehumidifier

These two models of the EcoAir have almost the same features. But the water extraction rate, noise level, and dehumidifier unit weight are the biggest difference between them. The EcoAir DC18 is heavier in weight; noise level is also louder and comes with a lower rate of water extraction.

Our verdict

The DC12 dehumidifier from EcoAir is best for the small homes, or you can use it in the mid-sized homes too. This unit does make some sound if you run it at high speeds, but at low speeds, it does a pretty fine job not making any noise.

This dehumidifier also has a water tank capacity of 3.5L, and you will need to empty it quite regularly, particularly in those humid days.

You won’t get to use those HEPA filters here too, so people with allergies beware. Nevertheless, this unit is the right choice if you are looking for features like easy cleaning and maintenance as well as high water extraction.

Its price is reasonable as well, but the unit is bulky. Lifting will be an issue, but with the help of a caster, you can move your unit from one place to another without the need for any assistance.

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