Meaco DD8L Junior Dehumidifier Review

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The Junior DD8L from Meaco is another high-quality dehumidifier. It is an entirely different model from the regular DD8L dehumidifier, which is also known as DD8L Junior. It is arguably the best desiccant dehumidifier from the company, and it comes with a plethora of different features.

It certainly looks great on paper, but how good it practically is, we are about to find out in this review.

Who is Meaco?

Meaco has long been associated with top quality products. Meaco has been serving the British and European markets for a long time, and its popularity is growing with time.

The brand has been able to deliver the goods consistently, and right from day one, it has focused on a customer-centric approach in its business. The company had come a long way from the day when it first entered the market.

What are the Meaco DD8L Junior dehumidifiers?

This high-quality desiccant dehumidifier will do a splendid job to dry your laundry in almost any setting or environment. It comes with different features that you don’t usually find in desiccant units. These include the likes of the ioniser, digital display as well as a daily timer.

You can set an automatic on/off schedule for this unit, and it will continue to operate. The water extraction ability is extraordinary. It comes with Humidistat that allows you to set a target for humidity on this unit.

Meaco DD8L Junior Dehumidifier Review

Meaco DD8L Junior Desiccant Dehumidifier 8 L 2

Here we will find out how effectively the Meaco DD8L Junior dehumidifiers eradicate humidity from the air.

Ease of Use and Design

The Meaco DD8L Junior dehumidifier comes with a combination of the blue and white body. The dimension of this product is 500-mm x 351-mm x 188mm and weighs 6.4 KG. As a result, it is a little bit wider as compared to other models.

Water Extraction and Energy Efficiency

This model is one of the most effective energy-efficient dehumidifiers categorized under economy class. However, energy efficiency depends on the customize settings. For example, if you use the lowest settings, it consumes around 330W. But when you set its highest settings, it uses 650W.

Apart from that, this Meaco DD8L Junior dehumidifier has incredible water extraction capability. It can extract more than 8 litres of water per day.

Size and Portability

This dehumidifier comes with a 500-mm x 351-mm x 188mm. For these reasons, it is the best lightweight unit on the market.

The carrying handle makes it easy to carry around the home. It is a great dehumidifier to use in small homes, flats, large homes, garages, caravans, boats, and conservatories.

Ioniser and Air Filtering

The ioniser is the major feature of the Meaco DD8L Zambezi dehumidifier, but you will not get it in the DD8L Junior dehumidifier. Therefore, it doesn’t act as the Zambezi model does. It is ideal for dealing with dust, odours, bacteria, mould spores, dust mites, and viruses.

The distance range of capturing these is 10m in front of the Zambezi unit. Other traditional dehumidifiers capture dust mites in only 1m.

The DD8L Junior dehumidifier doesn’t have an air filter and non-silver nano-coating. But it reduces condensation and damp issues.

Noise and Operation

The Meaco DD8L Junior dehumidifier offers 3 fan speeds, so the output of the noise varies according to selected fan speed.

It has a 39dB noise level on the lowest settings, and 48dB on highest fan settings. Hence, the 39dB noise level is quite enough, but 48dB is the louder one.

Electronic Controls and Settings

This dehumidifier is a full-featured unit but doesn’t come with a digital display, and has complete controls. The top of the unit has four buttons, including power, fan, humidity, and timer. You can use these buttons for configuring temperature, time, humidity level, and fan speed.

This dehumidifier offers up to 60% humidity level in 5% increments. It also has several settings for the daily timer, fan speed, on/off timer, and the louver as DD8L Junior model.

Water Tank Capacity

The water tank can hold 2 litres of water. The best feature is that this unit automatically shuts off when the tank is full. Furthermore, this tank does not come with an anti-bacterial coating. Also, your purchase comes with a hose, so it also comes with a continuous drainage option.

There is no need to empty the water tank periodically because it becomes an automatic continuous drainage dehumidifier.

Other Features

1) Laundry Mode

It offers a laundry mode with low energy for making it the cheapest way of drying clothes.

2) Auto on/off

This unit automatically switches on and off according to the humidity level; when the unit detects the accurate level of humidity, it will turn off and restart when the level becomes downs.

3) Auto Restart

The auto-restart function automatically starts the Meaco DD8L Junior dehumidifier from the previous setting if power is interrupted.

Value for Money

Well, our answer is big, yes. The Meaco DD8L Junior humidifier is a great value for your money. You’ll get the best possible combination of accurate dehumidification and energy saving.

It comes with an outstanding rate of water extraction, auto turn on/off, customize humidity level, adjustable fan speed, and plenty of other useful features.

Where to Buy DD8L Junior Dehumidifier?

Meaco DD8L-ZAMBEZI ZambeziThere are plenty of ways to purchase the Meaco DD8L Junior dehumidifier, but we recommend trustworthy sources like Amazon.

  • Eight litres per day water extraction rate.
  • Light enough to move around home.
  • This unit has a timer.
  • Equipped with three fan speeds.
  • A 3-years warranty.
  • A hose for continuous drainage.
  • No ioniser.
  • It does not have castor wheels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you schedule the dehumidifier?

No! The Meaco DD8L Junior dehumidifier doesn’t allow you to schedule this unit. You can purchase the Zambezi if you want this feature. You can schedule a specific time every day with ease on the Zambezi model.

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How much does it cost to run?

The fans of the desiccant dehumidifiers never stop, regardless of temperature and humidity levels. The running costs of a dehumidifier vary depending on its power rating and your energy tariff. Here’s a rough estimate using the average energy tariff of 14 pence/kWh.

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What is the manufacturer’s guarantee?

The company gives you two years of labour and parts warranty. Moreover, if you want to extend the warranty for up to five years, you can also contact the company.

Can I use the dehumidifier in a flat or caravan?

Yes! This dehumidifier is highly suitable for flats, caravan, and more than five-bed houses. In addition to that, it is recommended for cars, boats, garages, and much more.

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Our verdict

Meaco has done a superb job working on the DD8L Junior dehumidifier. There is a daily timer. The water extraction rate of this unit daily is 8L, which is pretty good. But with only 2L tank capacity, you will have to empty the tank frequently.

You can conveniently set the humidity target according to your preferences with the Humidistat feature. Apart from that, it is the only desiccant machine that hasn’t a digital display on it but has multiple controls on the top of the unit. However, in terms of energy efficiency, this unit is on par.

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