Meaco DD8L Zambezi Dehumidifier Review

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One of our favourite products on the market is the Meaco DD8L Zambezi desiccant dehumidifier. This machine provides an outlet for all your moisture absorption needs. It features a digital display, intelligent operation, and three fan settings.

For anyone who’s looking into buying a dehumidifier, you must have heard of Meaco. That brand has taken the air treatment industry by storm. And their desiccant dehumidifiers are the best for getting rid of clammy environments and mould build-ups.

Scroll down to learn more about the Meaco DD8L Zambezi desiccant dehumidifier and why you should and shouldn’t buy it.

Who Are Meaco?

Meaco is manufacturing home and office air treatment equipment for over 25 years. They manufacture some of the world’s highest class dehumidifiers, air purifiers, and cooling units. In the past, they have also distributed over a thousand heating solutions.

Meaco’s dehumidifiers seem to follow a general trend. They’re all designed to conserve energy while offering the best settings for your room. And the best part is that these units are all available at a reasonable price, even if you buy from the official website.

The Meaco DD8L Dehumidifier Zambezi Review

The Meaco DD8L Zambezi is the most premium product in the DD8L line-up. Compared to other brands, this dehumidifier features a larger capacity, a digital display, and even timer options. The Meaco DD8L Zambezi combines the most diverse feature set with the best user interface.

A general look at its predecessors will tell you what’s new in this model. The new DD8L Zambezi features a smart Laundry+ setting, a rotating Louvre, and a Sterilizing Ionizer. It has six unique features that are the first of its kind. It includes the digital display, sterilizing ionizer, Laundry+ setting, 20+ controls, Turn Me On, and the Timer+.

Ease of Use and Design of the Meaco DD8L Dehumidifier Zambezi

The design of the Meaco dehumidifier puts all the inlets, outlets, and controls in one place. It makes all the functions easily accessible from a single location. Its unique control logic is situated at the top and includes the power button along with four humidity level controllers. The panel also features an LED display.

Overall, the accessibility of the DD8L is splendid. The digital display allows for a less confusing user experience. As for the outward appearance, the entire body is featured in a professional white finish. There are no colour options available, but the white itself will complement your home or office.

Water Extraction Rate and Energy Efficiency of the Meaco DD8L Dehumidifier Zambezi

With regards to moisture absorption, the Meaco DDL8 can absorb up to 8 litres of water each day. The powerful motor allows it to extract moisture from up to 5 rooms. As for energy efficiency, this unit has been classed as A+ to C, depending on the mode you use.

For those of you who don’t know, a class of A+ generally means that the unit will use up less than 30 kilowatts per hour. So the operation is very low-profile and costs you practically nothing.

Depending on the fan speed you use, the unit can operate at 45, 330, and 650 watts.

Size and Portability of the Meaco DD8L Dehumidifier Zambezi

Unfortunately, due to the surplus of features, the Meaco boasts a larger size. To be more specific, the Meaco is about 4.5 feet tall and 1.6 feet wide. This is about the same height as say a washing machine or a dryer. So it will be harder to store the unit or set it on top of tables and furniture.

However, as for portability, the top of the Meaco DD8L has a foldable handle. And the bigger size doesn’t mean more weight. The DD8L hardly weighs 7 kilos, so it can be comfortably held from the handle and carried. But it may still be a bit too heavy for those with weaker hands.

Ionizer and Air Filtering of the Meaco DD8L Dehumidifier Zambezi

The Meaco DD8L Zambezi is one of the world’s first to feature a Sterilizing Ionizer. The ionizer is a special filter that neutralizes mould, viruses, pathogens, dust, small bugs, and even odours. This makes the DD8L Zambezi double as an air purifier. It significantly increases the indoor air quality, but only within a 10 m radius.

The filters also help to catch dust and prevent it from clogging the DD8L itself. So it’s safe to say that the Meaco is 100% self-maintaining. However, it is recommended to clean out the filter every two weeks or so. Preferably, clean out the filter with a brush or a vacuum, and avoid using water or detergents.

Noise and Operation

Dehumidifiers can generate a lot of noise. This is why a quieter operation is mandatory for them, especially when using overnight. Luckily, the DD8L Zambezi only produces about 39, 43, and 49 dB in different settings.

For reference, a standard vacuum cleaner produces a noise output as high as 70 dB. So you know that you can leave the Meaco DD8L overnight.

Electronic Controls and Settings

To facilitate faster dehumidification and optimal energy saving, the DD8L Zambezi features three fan settings. Use the lowest setting for when the conditions are ever so slightly damp. The highest is for extremely humid conditions, such as in Laundromats and kitchens.

The humidity level can be adjusted between 40 and 70% RH in 5% RH steps. And the unit also features a Louvre that you can move from left to right.

To add to all that, this model features the special Laundry+ set! In this setting, the unit will intelligently detect the moisture around your clothes. And it will automatically select a setting to best fit the situation. This is to ensure that your clothes get dried in the most frugal way possible.

Water Tank Capacity

A 3-litre tank is included with the Meaco DD8L Zambezi Dehumidifier. The tank has been coated with an anti-mould finish, so the tank itself will not succumb to mould.

And the rim is ribbed to prevent spilling. However, even with that, the DD8L Zambezi tends to spill quite often.

The tank requires emptying almost twice a day, depending on how much you use it. This unit does feature an auto-shutoff when the tank becomes full. So it won’t overflow during the night. Plus, a continuous drain facility is also provided.

But not many rooms have a drain, so some people may entirely rely on manually draining the tank.

Other Features

Aside from the Laundry+ function, the Zambezi has some handy features.


It is capable of providing handy alerts when you should turn the unit on. This is called the Meaco Turn Me On feature. The unit will notify you when the humidity levels rise above your chosen limit. And will indicate when you should turn it on. But this is only when the unit is plugged in.

Auto adjustment of Humidity

If you set the Zambezi at specific humidity, and the humidity rises 20% RH above that limit, then the unit will automatically change the settings. It’s a Meaco promise that your room will always be humidity free.


This compressor dehumidifier also features a Timer+ function. With this, you can set an operating time for the Zambezi, so it starts and shuts off automatically. This comes in handy when you want the unit to dehumidify even when you’re away. Or you want it to turn off after some time during the night.

Value for Money

So the real question still stands: is the Meaco DD8L Zambezi really worth the money? If you compare it to other brands, the only thing it doesn’t have is perhaps a smartphone app.

Other than that, almost everything you could imagine in a dehumidifier is featured on this device. Compared to other dehumidifiers in the price, the feature set is ridiculously diverse.

Compared to its predecessors, the Zambezi seems to be doing pretty well. The Meaco DD8L and the DD8L Junior do not feature an ionizer. Neither do they feature a rotating Louvre or a Laundry + feature! They do feature a regular Laundry feature, but none can top the Zambezi.

Where to Buy DD8L Zambezi Dehumidifier?

Meaco DD8L-ZAMBEZI Zambezi 8-Liter Desiccant Dehumidifier-min

There are a number of sites where you can order the DD8L Zambezi Dehumidifier. Amazon seems to be a great place to get premium deals at lower prices. The deals normally include some other accessories, such as a humidity monitor and cleaning tools. Plus, you can also get refurbished or used products, all with the warranty still intact.

  • Best for large and small rooms.
  • Quiet operation at 41 dB.
  • Prevents mould and condensation.
  • Features digital LED display.
  • Saves energy through optimisation.
  • Intelligently adjusts settings.
  • Timer functionality included.
  • Water tank drips when carried.
  • Controls can take a while to get used to.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you schedule the dehumidifier?

Definitely! The DD8L Zambezi includes a Daily Run Timer that lets you control the dehumidifier. The timer helps to schedule dehumidification while you’re away.

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How much does it cost to run?

A typical DD8L Zambezi consumes very low power. Assuming the rate is 15.2 p per kWh, the unit will cost 5.02 p every hour is run at 330 watts. And the price can go as high as 9.88 p per hour if you use it at 650 watts.

However, since you’ll have a dehumidifier, you can save by reducing the setting of your thermometer. Plus, it will save you on mould damage repairs and wood rot.

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What is the manufacturer’s guarantee?

The manufacturer’s warranty is for 2 years, but that depends on where you buy it from. The warranty period covers a lot of things, such as malfunctions, but not user damage.

Can I use the dehumidifier in a flat or caravan?

Yes, definitely. The dehumidifier works wonders inside cramped spaces, especially wooden caravans. It keeps the caravan safe from wood rot and mould build-up. Plus, you’ll get saved from the pain of having to sleep on a clammy mattress.

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Our Verdict: 

There is certainly no doubt that the DD8L is one of the best dehumidifiers. This dehumidifier is perfect for larger places, particularly lobbies, offices, and whole apartments. The Laundry+ feature means it has added functionality in Laundromats.

We recommend buying the Meaco DD8L Zambezi if you have use for the extra features, due to the higher price range. If you want the same quality but lesser features, then try the DD8L or the DD8L Mini.

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