The EcoAir DC18 Dehumidifier Review

EcoAir is one of the prestigious names in the British dehumidifier and air treatment market. It has been around for some years now and understands all the demands of its users. DC18 is best in terms of extracting moisture but not energy efficient.

In this post, we will review this dehumidifier and find out what it has to offer. So sit back and relax because there is plenty of useful information coming your way!

Who are EcoAir?

The company is the producer and supplier of a number of different air treatment products. These include the likes of dehumidifiers, air conditioning (heat pump), and air conditioning (portable) as well as purifiers for the British as well as European markets.

The brand’s entire focus is on delivering high-quality products and services to its customers, right from the beginning. It has focussed on producing environment-friendly products. You can also have a look at the brand’s products on display in their warehouse.

What is the EcoAir DC18 Dehumidifier?

The company is well known for its desiccant dehumidifiers, but the DC18 is a domestic dehumidifier that is ideal for any home setting. It will not raise your utility costs and will keep performing effectively with its high water extraction rate.

It is an excellent option if you’re looking for a dehumidifier for drying clothes. The design and looks of this unit are pretty nice, and it looks nice in any setting.

EcoAir DC18 Dehumidifier – Our Review

EcoAir DC18 Compressor Dehumidifier

In this review, we’ll tell you how effectively the EcoAir DC18 Dehumidifier removes moisture or humidity from the air. So let’s start an in-depth review of the best dehumidifier by EcoAir!

Ease of Use and Design

The EcoAir DC18 dehumidifier comes with a curved design that has a white front panel with gray sides. A combination of curved design and colours combination makes it the eye-catching dehumidifier on the market. It is ideal for your 4 to 5 bed home and smaller offices that enhances the interiors as well.

The dimension of this dehumidifier is measuring about 52.6-cm x 39.4-cm x 27.6-cm and weighing 14.5 KG. On the other hand, it is equipped with plenty of useful and smart features that provide you with the best environment.

Water Extraction and Energy Efficiency

The maximum capacity of its water extraction is about 18 litres per day that makes it ideal for large homes. It is a highly efficient dehumidifier, especially in a warmer situation.

Moreover, you can customize its humidity settings for achieving your required level. It auto switches off when humidity reaches the set level for saving energy. On top of that, it has dual fan speeds for reducing energy, plus sound footprint.

Size and Portability

The EcoAir DC18 is the best compact dehumidifier due to a 3.5-litre water tank and 18-litre per day water extraction rate. Although. It is a heavier device that weighs 14.5 KG, so it is difficult to move. However, it comes with glide castors that permit you to shift it from one room to another.

Noise and Operation

You’ll experience a quiet operation between a 53-dBA and 55-dBA noise levels. Thus, it is ideal for your office that will not disturb you while you are working on your project. On the other hand, the EcoAir DC18 dehumidifier operating temperature range is between 5 degrees Celsius and 335 degrees Celsius.

Filter and Cleaning

The basic purpose of the filter is collecting dust, so the cleanliness of the filter is unavoidable. You can conveniently remove the filter by pressing the 2 clips gently and drag out the filter.

Additionally, you can use a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush for removing the dust gently. The indicator on the control panel lets you know that it’s time to clean its filter. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended to wash the filter after two weeks for its longevity.

Electronic Controls and Settings

The EcoAir DC18 dehumidifier is equipped with an electronic control panel along with an intelligent LED display, plus touch button technology. Every control is intuitive and easy to use, so you don’t need to read the manual.

Humidity Display 

An intelligent LED screen on the electronic control panel displays the desired level of humidity.  You can adjust the humidity level in 5% increments with a plus and minus button. This unit gives you precise control in your home over the humidity.

Timer Mode

You’ll find a timer mode on the left side of the panel. You can use 2H or 4H buttons to keep the level of humidity manageable with energy efficiency.

Fan Mode

The electronic control panel has a button for selecting its fan mode because the EcoAir DC18 dehumidifier is equipped with dual fan speed. Therefore, you can choose a higher speed of the fan to maximize the rate of moisture extraction.

When you turn it to the lower fan speed, it reduces the noise and makes it energy efficient.

Self-Diagnosis Indicators

The best thing about the EcoAir DC18 dehumidifier is that the control panel has a self-diagnosis indicator. This indicator tells you when the filter needs cleanliness.

Water Tank and Continuous Drainage

It has a 3.5-liter water tank that is positioned at the front of the device. The good point is that you don’t need to move it to empty the tank. There is a lid covering the water tank to avoid spillage. Additionally, you can use a 14mm diameter hose for continuous drainage for regularly emptying the water tank safely.

Your purchase includes a hose, so you don’t need to purchase it separately. The method of attaching a hose at the backside of the humidifier is very convenient; you just need a screw for that.

Other Features

Apart from these, the EcoAir DC18 dehumidifier features other handy, attractive, and useful options. Here’s the list of other intuitive traits of this unit:

  • Auto-Restart Function: This humidifier will restart when power is interrupted. Guess what? This unit remembers its previous settings.
  • Castors & Cable Tidy: A hanger is placed at the back of the humidifier to keep a power cord tidy after use. Additionally, it comes with glide castors, so you can shift it from one room to another easily.
  • Laundry Mode: It is not only a dehumidifier; you can also use it for drying your cloth. Its laundry mode will dry your clothes in approximately 2 hours to 4 hours.
  • Automatic Defrost: When condensation of the EcoAir DC18 dehumidifier begins to freeze up on the coils, this unit automatically stops dehumidifying function and starts defrosting.

Value for money

This EcoAir DC18 dehumidifier is suitable for a 4 to 5 bedroom house. Now you don’t have to purchase a separate dehumidifier for every room. Additionally, it is a budget efficient dehumidifier that helps to tackle damp, and mould due to advances in compressor technology. It is durable, reliable, compact, a portable dehumidifier that comes with a 2-years warranty.

Where to buy a DC18 dehumidifier?

EcoAir DC18 dehumidifier

There are plenty of sources available to purchase the EcoAir DC18 dehumidifier, like

  • The company uses a top-quality plastic material to construct it.
  • It comes with a large 3.5 litre tank capacity.
  • The tank has an option of continuous drainage.
  • Electronic control panel allows you to configure humidity level, indicators, and fan speed.
  • Controls mould, bacteria growth, as well as condensation.
  • You can easily move it from one room to another due to glide castor wheels.
  • It has a high-speed rate of water extraction, especially at a warmer temperature.
  • It doesn’t have any advanced filter.
  • This unit isn’t energy efficient in cooler environments.
  • The humidity setting is configured with 5% increments only.
  • When you switch twin fan settings, it becomes a little louder dehumidifier.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How much does it cost to run?

A dehumidifier’s running cost varies in terms of your energy tariff and its power rating. Here’s a rough estimate according to the typical energy tariff of 15.41p/kWh.

For more information read our ‘How Much Does it Cost to Run a Dehumidifier?’ guide.

Is it ok to run it in a caravan?

This EcoAir DC18 dehumidifier has an option of continuous drainage. So this is the ideal feature that permits you to use it in isolated places. These places include boats, caravans, sheds, and much more.

Read more about How to Use a Dehumidifier in our guide.

Does the DC18 work in low temperatures?

The EcoAir DC18 model works continuously even at 5 degrees Celsius temperature. However, it works perfectly in high-temperature environments. Furthermore, when the room temperature drops less than 15 degrees Celsius, it automatically enters into the defrost mode.

Can I clean the filter?

Yes, the intelligent control panel of this unit has a clean filter indicator that lets you know it’s time to clean its filter. Additionally, it is effortless to remove the filter by pressing clips gently. You can use a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush for its cleaning.

For more ideas on other features to watch out for, read our What to Consider When Buying Dehumidifiers guide.

EcoAir DC18 vs. EcoAir DC12 dehumidifier

Both models of the EcoAir dehumidifier have plenty of differences. However, the major difference is the extraction capacity, such as 12 litres per day and 18 Litres per day. Thus, if you are looking for a higher capacity, then you should purchase the DC18 model. Besides, the DC18 dehumidifier is heavier, approximately 2.5KG, and louder 2dB as compared to its DC12 counterpart model.

Our verdict 

The DC18 dehumidifier from EcoAir is a decent unit that is suitable for most small to mid-sized homes. But you need to keep in mind that if you run it at high speeds, then it will start making noise. The low fan speed will not make much sound. The water tank capacity is on the low side with 3.5L, which means you have to empty it frequently.

Another downside of this unit is that it doesn’t have a HEPA filter, so if you or anyone else in your home has some allergies, then this is not the right choice for you. However, it’s cleaning and maintenance is very simple, and it also comes at a very reasonable price. So it does deliver value for money. Apart from that, its water extraction rate is very fast.

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